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At this LINK  are 26 books, including one translated into Japanese and another translated into Chinese (a dual language English-Chinese version)--with several titles on each of these areas:  creativity, innovation, design, educatedness, culture, management, and a giant lifework capstone masterwork Innovations in Innovation and in 29 Other Creativity Sciences.  

I assert here that this constitutes the single:
  • most comprehensive coverage of all things on those creativity/innovation/design etc. topics
  • most diverse content on those topics--Asian, EU, American, arts, sciences, techs
  • most detailed content with multiple models of creativity, innovation etc. and many of those models having 128 or 64 of 216 constituent model ideas
  • most multi-level content--with nearly all models on these topics being FRACTAL in form for drill up and drill down "tune-able granularity of model" so you operate with the level of generality or concretion appropriate for the task at hand.
All the pages in all these books are generated from, founded upon some overall approaches NOT FOUND IN ANY UNIVERSITY OR BOOK by others, at the time of this writing:

  • MONASTIC INNOVATIONS--more biologic, evolutionary, computational, multi-cultural replacements of the most mundane heavily-used-per-hour media and interfaces of thought
  • STRUCTURAL COGNITION--new ways of writing, reading, discussing that make visually evident at a glance the NUMBER of points, their NAMES, and how they are ORDERED, and they LAYERING--so the location of a point in its surrounding GEOMETRY OF THOUGHT is always evident (locations in geometries of thought provide 90+% of the meaning of any word phrase--miss the geometry itself or the location of a point in that and you miss, always, 90+% of the meaning around you lifelong in most cases)
  • EXPANDED REGULARIZED MENTAL OPERANDS--by regularizing sets of points to make in 3 rigorous ways, replacing prose entirely, we enable ordinary mental operators to be applied not to our usual 4 to 7 ideas at a time, but instead to 48 to 216 or more ideas at a time = vast increases in overall mental productivity per minute
  • COMPUTATIONAL SOCIALITY--a shift from bureaus and processes to events as the basic means of doing work.   New face-to-face ways of "being together" SOCIAL AUTOMATA that replace meetings, discussions, brainstorms, presentations and inspire vast changes in crowd based, swarm based, learning-research-design events across the web.   
  • KNOWLEDGE TOTALIZATIONS/GLOBALIZATIONS--Japan conquered 2 and more global industries in 20+ OECD nations via de-professionalizing de-university-izing bodies of knowledge (first quality, then robotics, then Apple constituent technologies, next???)--this impressive conquest involved UNDOING to bodies of knowledge what PROFESSORS do to them.   
No other book, publication, college research, or university course applies to the enormous sweep of models 120+ models of creativity, 96 models of innovation, 64 approaches to design, etc. in this library of books, ANY of the above updates in the foundations of thought.  INSTEAD we have centuries old correlational "effects" without magnitude or boundary conditions ballyhoo-ed because that is all universities produce--with zilch impact (see Harvard's Amibile changing 42 environment variables in P&G and getting--trumpets please--copying a hit Japanese product 8 years later as their "creative" outcome--Harvard call that "creativity" Richard Tabor Greene calls that "delayed copying").  THE BOOKS REFERRED TO HERE and at the LINK above, ALL operate at VASTLY HIGHER STANDARDS than Harvard's top professors operate at.   You have a choice, substitute brand and rank for thought and impact, or do some understanding yourself and apply the 26 books at the link above to zoom past anyone connected in any way to Harvard elites, snobberies, brand substituting for impact.  Wonder why Silicon Valley contributed 800% MORE to US GDP the last 50 years than Harvard-MIT and Route 128 did?????    The books at the link above FULLY explain why.   

FROM time to time I will add posts to this blog to respond to readers and reviews of the 26 posted on Amazon books at the link above.  I will link the RSS feed of this blog to my author page at amazon so people accessing my books on Amazon can easily read latest entries on this blog.  I have another blog NOT-DEAD-YET-Fashions on my clothes designs as they turn commercial.   



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